Mindful Parenting

Carrig Montessori's Mindful Parenting program is a 5 week course for parents and their babies/toddlers ages 6 months-2 years old. Registration includes both our Mindful Parenting classes and Parent Support and Discussion groups.

Mindful Parenting Class

Our Montessori classroom offers your child the chance to explore independently and purposefully as they interact with carefully selected materials. Parents are supported in stepping back from their child so that they can observe their abilities, interests, and approach to the classroom. Each parent is provided a journal in which they are encouraged to take notes on a specific focus each week.

Trained Montessori guides set the tone in this 90 minute class, as we move through a work cycle, group snack and end with stories and songs.

Parent Support and Discussion Group

During the Parent Discussion Nights, Montessori guides are pairing their knowledge of child development and the Montessori Method with parents observations and questions to lead discussions that are a benefit to all. Specific discussion topics may include changing your home environment to support independence, age appropriate expectations, potty training, sleep, eating, sharing and discipline.

The Benefits of Mindful Parenting

Babies and toddlers are growing and changing at a pace that can feel exhilarating, but also overwhelming for both them and us! Keeping up with your child's rapidly changing development is not only vital to supporting their growth, but informs your ever-changing job description as a parent. Mindful Parenting gives you the tools to observe where your child is today so that you can support the child they are becoming tomorrow.

Fall Session Dates TBD

In an effort to maintain the continued health or our teachers and students, we regret that we will not be offering Mindful Parenting this spring.

Please check back this summer, as we hope to resume in-person Mindful Parenting classes beginning in the fall!